[Twisted-Python] We have Apple's ear (cont'd)

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Tue Jan 28 19:05:45 EST 2003

On Tuesday, Jan 28, 2003, at 18:21 America/New_York, Cory Dodt wrote:

> Just a list of things I plan to ask for anyway (in no particular 
> order):
> * hardware
> * money
> * engineers to fix Mac-related bugs in Twisted (or other dependencies)
> directly ... the list could provide me with a log of a run of trial to
> help here
> * a list of the problems python users are most likely to mention to 
> Apple
> sales engineers, and solutions for same

Well, I think I'm the resident OS X developer here, I actually have the 
expensive subscription to their developer's program, mostly for the 
hardware discounts..  There isn't much of a problem for Twisted on 
MacOSX, even with the crippled stock 2.2 interpreter.. I use it as my 
primary development platform for Twisted and everything else.

What Apple needs to do, for god's sake, is allow Jack Jansen 
<Jack.Jansen at oratrix.com> to maintain the Python build in darwin and OS 
X proper.  Or at least consult with him before releasing something.

Apple er.. screwed up a lot of ./configure options when building the 
2.2 build that ships with OS X.  If the thing was built properly it'd 
be ready to do full GUI applications (Modules to interface with 
CoreFoundation, Carbon, etc), it even builds a GUI application launcher 
*and* an IDE!

It would also be nice if it shipped with the ctypes and pyobjc modules, 
which covers all of your other needs.  Neither of them are totally 
stable yet though.

Hardware, money, and engineers are not required at all..  The community 
has already done all of the work, it's just up to Apple to integrate it 
into their distribution.  Python has been pretty solid on OS X for 
about 12 months now.  It would be *nice* if some apple heads would 
subscribe to pythonmac-sig at python.org and 
pyobjc-dev at lists.sourceforge.net.


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