[Twisted-Python] Example: Accessing a database from a Resource

L. Daniel Burr ldanielburr at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 27 12:34:27 EST 2003

As promised in the thread about deferreds and resources, here is an
example of making a database call from a resource, using a thread.

I've tried to follow the Twisted development guidelines, so please
let me know if I've used any inappropriate naming conventions, etc.

I didn't provide epydoc-style docstrings as I had originally hoped;
I haven't had time to read the epydoc manual yet.

Next up will be an example using twisted.enterprise, with Row and
without.  Hopefully examples of this sort will help newer users in
grokking twisted.web, at least until the Woven stuff is ready.

L. Daniel Burr
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