[Twisted-Python] First contribution...

Sylane twisted at sylane.com
Thu Jan 23 14:25:23 EST 2003


More than a week ago, I posted a little patch
for pb saying I working on a pb example...
Since this post, nobody ever reply it.
Even to say the patch sucks or something
and it's not applied to the CVS at this time.
The example I worked on DONT work without
this patch cause the cacheable implementation is broken...
If nobody care of my contributions,
OK say it and i will start a fork of  spread for my own use.
If I did bad, if it's not the way contributions
must be done, OK say it too.
If nobody received my post, you will not received
this one too... and I don't understand anymore.

P.S: Pleeeassse someone reply......
P.S.2: I'm not a paranoiac. And it's not because I'm a paranoiac that you're not all against me ! ! !

Best regards,
 Sylane                          mailto:twisted at sylane.com

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