[Twisted-Python] 1.0.2alpha4 test failures on Alpha, PPC

Kevin Turner acapnotic at twistedmatrix.com
Sun Jan 19 06:45:20 EST 2003

As part of preparation for a CVSToys release, I installed Twisted on
SourceForge's compile farm machines.  (At least the ones with suitable
versions of Python.)  I got a boatload of Errors running tests on their
Alpha machine, and a few Failures on their PPC box.  Results can be seen
in the 'tests' tarballs/directories at 

This generates some suggestions for Trial:
I didn't see a file with the quick OK/pass/fail summary in it in the
_trial directory, instead I made a runtests.out by redirecting stdout
and stderr.  It'd be nice if runtests generated such a thing alongside
test.log by itself, though.

Also, does trial record stats on the environment it's running in?  Host
platform, python versions, etc.  That might be good.

Quick list of offenders:

under Alpha:
FTP, names, test_policies, test_smtp.LoopbackSMTPTestCase.testMessages,
test_tcp.ConnectorTestCase.testUserFail (twice?),

under PPC:
testFileRebuild (twisted.test.test_rebuild.RebuildTestCase)
testReconnect (twisted.test.test_tcp.ConnectorTestCase)
testFailing (twisted.test.test_tcp.LoopbackTestCase)


 - Kevin

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