[Twisted-Python] Another nit on "Generalization of Deferred Execution in Python"

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Fri Jan 17 11:33:20 EST 2003

On Friday, Jan 17, 2003, at 10:34 America/New_York, Tommi Virtanen 

>         http://cumulo-nimbus.mit.edu/deferex.xhtml
> def prettyRequest(server, requestName):
>     d=server.makeRequest(requestName)
>     d.addCallback(lambda result: ', '.join(result.asList()))
>     d.addErrback(lambda failure: failure.printTraceback())
>     return d

How about calling it prettyWorthlessRequest :)  You'll never see the 
result, just failures!  How about throwing a print statement in the 
callback lambda or something?


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