[Twisted-Python] How do I upload files using FTPClient?

Daniel Burr ldanielburr at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 6 22:47:48 EST 2003

On Tue, 7 Jan 2003 10:37:22, Andrew Bennetts wrote:

>Yes, that's my fault.  I haven't gotten around to
>that yet -- I might have a
>stab at it tonight, it shouldn't actually be that
>hard.  I'll try to make sure
>I get this done in time for the 1.0.2 release.

That'd be great; I'm interested to see how you do it, as I don't yet fully
understand the Twisted way.  I have always used Python's ftplib, so doing this
in a fully async manner is still a little mind-bending for me.

>Let me know if there are any other FTP commands
>you want implemented -- I've
>also got MDTM on my todo list, which should be
>trivial (in fact, the
>apt-proxy guys have already implemented it! :).

Well, since you asked, I could really use MKD and RMD too, since I am copying
a directory hierarchy from one server to another, and the target server may
not already have the correct directory layout.

>The server is desperately in need of a
>rewrite/refactoring to
>use twisted.web (so that you can have dynamic
>resources, and the like).
>This is on my longer-term todo list...

That sounds pretty cool, although I'll be perfectly happy if FTPClient can
reproduce the current functionality of ftplib.

On a semi-related note, I'm thinking about trying to write a Protocol/Factory
to handle the SCC protocol used by PVCS, SourceSafe, and a few other
commercial source control tools.  I'm thinking in terms of a Twisted.vcs
plugin.  Is this a good idea, or is this really not what Twisted is best used

Thanks for the help,

L. Daniel Burr

Thanks for your help,

L. Daniel Burr

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