[Twisted-Python] problems w/ pyPgSQL and the Enterprise HOWTO

Justin Ryan justin at gnubia.net
Sun Feb 23 22:20:23 EST 2003

> The howto also says:
>     Also worth noting is that this example assumes that dbmodule uses the
>     qmarks paramstyle (see the DB-API specification).
> This is the cause of the problem; pyPgSQL uses a different paramstyle.  
> Maybe this should be made clearer, by inserting a 
>         # Assumes dbmodule.paramstyle == 'qmarks'
> into the example code, where people will read it.

Perhaps, However not being familiar with the qmarks paramstyle, I
noticed this bit but most likely skimmed over it because I didn't make
the connection..  Learn something new every day..

Is the qmarks paramstyle a required part of the DB API 2.0 spec?

> > Is this a problem with pyPgSQL? something else? pyPgSQL is the
> > _recommended_ module in the enterprise howto, so I didn't expect to run
> > into trouble with it..
> Yeah, that is a good point.  The howto should probably use examples that
> work with pyPgSQL, to save confusion.

or at least distinguish.  I assumed that the howto was using proper DB
API syntax, and that pyPgSQL is not 100% compliant, but it would be nice
to see the line drawn.  I don't know that I've worked with a fully DB
API compliant driver at this point ;p

Thanks for the clarification...


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