[Twisted-Python] Trying to figure out twisted.web

Andrew Bennetts andrew-twisted at puzzling.org
Wed Feb 19 06:43:23 EST 2003

On Tue, Feb 18, 2003 at 05:43:35PM -0500, Steve Waterbury wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-02-18 at 15:24, Moshe Zadka wrote:
> > And if you need the auto-generated docs, twisted-doc-api
> ... and speaking of which, admin/generate-lore works 
> (again) -- thanks, Moshe!  BTW, one teensy little nit 
> on the generated pdf:  the date is still set to show
> October 24, 2002 ... I know it should be later than that!

There is no admin/generate-lore command.  There used to be a
bin/generatelore, though.

I presume you mean admin/process-docs.  It works fine here; I get the
current date on the PDF, which is as expected, seeing as book.tex has never
had a \date command.  I suspect something is screwy at your end.


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