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Kevin Turner acapnotic at twistedmatrix.com
Tue Feb 18 18:19:41 EST 2003

(I'm sending this to the Twisted list, please feel free to follow-up

On Tue, 2003-02-18 at 12:33, Konrad Rokicki wrote:
> I just started working with the IRCClient class (twisted.protocols.irc)
> and unless I'm mistaken, it is missing some features like a userQuit event
> and handling of NAMREPLY (for getting a list of users in a channel).
> I was wondering if this module is still being actively developed and if I
> should submit patches to do those sorts of things.

What would you have them do?  The protocol does not dictate any response
to these messages, and protocols.irc.IRCClient is intended to be an
implementation of just the IRC client protocol.  The class is designed
to be extensible so its users can subclass it and define their own
irc_QUIT and irc_RPL_NAMREPLY methods.  The decision of what to do when
you receive such a message is up to the application, I think.

Really, the interface involving NAMREPLY should look more like
"group.getMembers() returns a Deferred list of Persons," which doesn't
go in the wire-level twisted.protocols package.  Development of
high-level interfaces for chat clients is happening in twisted.im;
currently with support for IRC, twisted.words, and TOC (and OSCAR and
MSN any moment now, right guys?).  

That said, twisted.im is a pretty scary place right now: there are
things not covered by the interface, the implementation is a bit of a
mess, there's no test coverage, and it's rather unstable as I have to go
in there and mess around with things whenever I discover that what I was
trying to do with it just wasn't possible.  So, I'd understand if you
decide to stick with extending IRCClient instead, but twisted.im is
where we're really looking to develop an interface for chat clients
(both user-interactive and autonomous), and it could use a few more
user-developers (not to mention a loving maintainer) to help define its


 - Kevin Turner,
   reluctant maintainer of twisted.protocols.irc

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