[Twisted-Python] twisted rooming scholarships for PyCon

Steve Waterbury golux at comcast.net
Mon Feb 17 01:23:07 EST 2003

Hey gang,

If anyone out there is coming to PyCon and hasn't yet 
made a reservation, I can accomodate one (or two, if 
they tolerate each other well ;^) at the waterbug mansion.  
(Yes "mansion" *is* a joke; my house is very humble!)
Chris Armstrong and Donovan Preston will be here Sunday 
eve, but they will be going to their hotels for the rest of 
their stay, so my living room (with convertible couch, 
and a futon for one more) is available the rest of the 
week.  I'm planning on attending the Twisted sprint, 
where I am hoping to enhance the twistification of my 
pangalactic app, and the rest of PyCon, so I can provide 
transpo into DC from Greenbelt where I live (a suburb 
just north) and back.  (If there are two people, one of 
them should be either a small person or very limber, as 
they will be riding in the back seat of a Mustang ;^).  
There's also a subway stop in Greenbelt, so in case you 
want to stay later I could pick you up there.

-- Steve.

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