[Twisted-Python] Re: In Defense of Taps

Abe Fettig abe at fettig.net
Fri Feb 14 11:56:51 EST 2003

On Fri, 2003-02-14 at 07:42, Glyph Lefkowitz wrote:
> On 13 Feb 2003 13:24:04 -0500, Abe Fettig <abe at fettig.net> wrote:
> > I'd be in the "Network protocl developer" category, I guess, although my
> > on of my reasons for using Twisted is to *not* have to implement
> > protocols.
> Thanks for that bit of information: after thinking about those categories some
> more, I've realized that an upcoming rewrite of the website needs to address 4
> audiences:
>     * Low-level network programmers: systems people who want to write their own
>       protocols.
>     * High-level network programmers: people who want to use existing
>       implementations of a variety of protocols.  These folks are the target
>       audience for PB, when other protocols fall short.
>     * "Web Application" programmers: these people want to use fully-finished
>       protocol support, largely HTTP, though some SMTP and similar.  Sysadmins
>       also fall into this category, to some extent.
>     * Crazy hackers or game developers who are interested in bleeding-edge
>       things like Twisted Reality, Issues, and Secret Project X.  (As these
>       things mature it will probably split into more categories.)

> Obviously there's some overlap, but if you don't feel like you fit into any of
> those categories I'd like to know.

I'd be in the High-level network programmer category, although I'm
prepared to put on my (recently aquired) Low-level network programmer
hat in order to get support for IMAP into Twisted, improve the POP3
protocol, etc... :-)

> > Once I get to the point where end users are installing my software, TAPs will
> > probably become more important.
> Well, it's up for download ;-), and you have had to address certain
> configuration issues (hence the .ini file).  I think you're reaching that point
> about now.

Point taken.  I'll start looking at TAPs.


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