OT: debian packaging weirdness (was Re: [Twisted-Python] Woven howto doc bug?)

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Thu Feb 13 06:17:02 EST 2003

On 13 Feb 2003 09:48:00 -0000, Moshe Zadka <twisted at moshez.org> wrote:
> Dependencies should not be artifically hardened. If you upgrade
> "python-twisted", there's no reason why I should assume you also wanna
> upgrade python2.2-twisted.

Is there any situation where it is sane to have a later version of a dummy
package than of the package that it depends on?

I notice that python-crypto does it your way, python-numeric depends on
absolute version, python-tk depends on greater-than-or-equal version,
python-gtk2 does it your way...

Apparently this is up to the individual packager, but as a user I would expect
the latest version of the dummy package to upgrade the real package.  Why this
inconsistency between different packages?

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