[Twisted-Python] Re: In Defense of Taps

Moshe Zadka m at moshez.org
Wed Feb 12 14:35:27 EST 2003

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Steve Waterbury <waterbug at beeblebrox.gsfc.nasa.gov> wrote:

> You asked for it!  Okay, so I'm not exactly a "newbie" (or 
> maybe a perennial newbie ;^).  Anyway, I guess I'm an anomaly 
> in that I founds taps to be a nice and useful thing, as when I 
> started developing our server app, it was just after Glyph wrote 
> the "Writing a Twisted Plug-in" doc, so I used that as my sample 
> code to start with.

Well, I meant that I want to hear from *dissatisfied* newbies...but
it is always a pleasure to hear from a satisfied user too :D

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