[Twisted-Python] Re: Lore vs. latex2html: Fight to the Finish (Moshe Zadka)

Moshe Zadka m at moshez.org
Sun Feb 9 13:30:11 EST 2003

On Sun, 9 Feb 2003, Cory Dodt <corydodt at yahoo.com> wrote:

> It helps to have the numbers there in the HTML, even though you aren't
> flipping through physical pages to find them.  Why?  People often look at
> a hardcopy of doc, and then try to find the same section in the live copy.
>  This becomes much harder if the live copy doesn't advertise section
> numbers that match the hard copy's.

That's an interesting point.
I don't really need CSS to do the work, I can do it right there in the
HTML...I'm just kinda wondering whether it is the right thing to do...

> As far as EPS conversion, I've already done the legwork on this one if
> you'd like to see my pilhtml2latex.  I haven't been brave enough to try
> Lore yet, so it still depends on the old html2latex code.
Well, I'm more wondering what interface it should present to the user --
once we decide on an interface, the implementation shouldn't be hard.
I'm currently leaning towards <a href="file.eps" class="eps">caption</a>.
The rationale is that this seems to be the best bet in case your browser
happens to have a handler for the PS format, which is a gazillion times
more likely than <img src="file.eps"/> working. Again, the overriding
concern here is "what looks good in the source format".

Overall, I think that the conclusion I've drawn from this useful discussion
is: "people would kill for navigation". I've got some thoughts on this
subject: this is certainly a thorny issue. 

Thanks for the ideas,
Moshe Zadka
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