[Twisted-Python] Re: Lore vs. latex2html: Fight to the Finish (Moshe Zadka)

Cory Dodt corydodt at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 9 12:13:09 EST 2003

Code blocks look much nicer in Lore (it's no contest, really), but I like
the usefulness of the original's navigation header--just the blue strip,
really.  I guess that falls under the heading "Indexes".  However, I'm
wondering about automatic numbering.

It helps to have the numbers there in the HTML, even though you aren't
flipping through physical pages to find them.  Why?  People often look at
a hardcopy of doc, and then try to find the same section in the live copy.
 This becomes much harder if the live copy doesn't advertise section
numbers that match the hard copy's.

CSS2 actually has support for automatic numbering, but no browser
currently supports it (I've tested Mozilla, IE, and Opera).  So, I'm not
submitting a CSS patch. :-(

As far as EPS conversion, I've already done the legwork on this one if
you'd like to see my pilhtml2latex.  I haven't been brave enough to try
Lore yet, so it still depends on the old html2latex code.

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