[Twisted-Python] Sending email asynchronously

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Thu Feb 6 15:23:06 EST 2003

On Friday, Nov 1, 2002, at 00:07 America/New_York, Jp Calderone wrote:

>   Just a heads up: I've just stuck in 
> twisted.protocols.smtp.sendEmail(); it
> is based very heavily on some code itamar sent me and can handle 
> attachments
> as well as plain ol' email.  I imagine there are some things wrong 
> with it,
> but this is something I've found lacking in Twisted for a long time, 
> so I
> had to add it, even broken :)  Suggestions on the what the One True 
> Way it
> should work are welcome (but it does what I want it to now, so don't 
> expect
> me to improve it without input ;).

I've just committed a modification of sendEmail to do what I want, it 
can now
send HTML email (with a text/plain fallback) and use 7bit encoding when 
makes sense.  :)

To send a basic HTML email, you would leave the content as text/plan, 
have a single
attachment that is text/html, and call sendEmail with 


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