[Twisted-Python] Fw: Re: Zope and Twisted

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at mtg.co.at
Wed Feb 5 15:05:47 EST 2003

Am Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2003 17:59 schrieb Itamar Shtull-Trauring:
> Perhaps I don't understand YOUR Twisted model of networking, which is
> not
> OSI compliant. The OSI model IS NETWORKING and all real Turing-based
> computational systems that employ networking implement parts of the
> model.
What to hell does OSI have to do with Turing-machines?
Nothing, or less?
> Perhaps YOU need to learn about the various layers of the model before
> you
> begin to bandy about the operationally defined words transport and
> protocol.
Well, there are not to many "sucessful" applications of OSI in the real world. 
TCP/IP comes to mind as a prime example.

> Clearly, the folks at Twisted have their own meanings for transport and
> protocol, which differ greatly from their KNOWN and ACCEPTED definitions
> as
> employed in the PROFESSIONAL programming world and the ACADEMIC
> programming
> world.
Not really. My experience suggests that terms that are as heavy overloaded 
always need a definition in the context they are used.

One of the telltales of a professional is that he can adjust to very different 
kinds of environments quickly.
> Incidentally, I was writing network-based applications when you were
> still
> in grade school.
Who cares? Especially in the IT world being an old-hand is not necessarily a 
good thing. 
> I'll be sure to recommend to my Fortune 500 clients to not use a product
> administered by essentially, immature children.
Who is the immature child here?
Coming into a community, barking around acrynoms that nobody cares about, 
insulting the developers, and so on?
If you think that renaming all the stuff is a good idea, you are certainly 
invited to do it yourself.

Last time I checked you are quite allowed to fork of a OSI-Twisted project.
In effect if you care that much about OSI terminology, you are quite capable 
to patch it yourself. :)

Well, that's curious if you list Twisted on the first line of your Resume, and 
then you do not recommend it. (Well at least in situations where Twisted 
makes sense.)


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