[Twisted-Python] Using win32eventreactor (newbie alert)

Jeff Grimmett grimmtooth at softhome.net
Sun Feb 2 12:20:51 EST 2003

Relatively new twisted user here :-)

I'm a little confused about how to use the win32eventreactor in place of
the default. The default on W32 platforms doesn't have the
ProcessProtocol support implemented yet, but according to the docs the
win32eventreactor does.

Here's what I need to do:  I want to listen on one or more ports for
connections; when connections are made, I want to connect these
connections with programs designed to handle the connection in question,
i.e. if it's telnet I want to connect the session with a login program
and proceed from there. 

I haven't gotten that far yet but from what I've seen so far I *think* I
will need to support the ProcessProtocol and tie the telnet to it.  I
could be wrong on this but I'm trying to think ahead.

So back to win32eventreactor; imply using .install() doesn't get me the
ability to use the ProcessProtocol. So I tried replacing the default
reactor with win32eventreactor completely; I got errors regarding
connectTCP when I did this.

So I'm stumped for the moment. I'm sure I'm making some very simple
mistake somewhere. A gentle shove in the right direction would be
greatly appreciated.

Oh, and to the twisted team, compliments on the package. It's wonderful.

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