[Twisted-Python] Re: Where is best place to put my custom code?

Eric Mangold teratorn at world-net.net
Wed Dec 31 22:43:15 EST 2003

On Wednesday 31 December 2003 04:58 pm, JD wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm open for suggestions on where I can put my customized code.    I
> seem to have a choice
> between putting it in the "factory" or in the "protocol",  and I
> cannot seem to decide where the
> best place would be.

Since this is IRC you shouldn't go issuing commands until your signed 
on, thus the signedOn method of your protocol would be the right place.

> My application is simple.....   here is all it should do....
> 1) establish a connection to an IRC server.
> 2) send an IRC command,  like a "who" command,  and extract the info
> 3) then exit the client
> I could put my code in the IRCClient's "connectionMade" method.    Or
> I could put it in the
> factory's "startedConnecting" method.     The code would be simple,
> issue a
> "who" command,   and take it's output and return it.   So,  in my
> connectionMade method
> I would issue the command...  then call reactor.stop() which would
> exit from my reactor.run().
> I think the factory's "startedConnecting" might get called first, 
> then somewhere down in
> this mess,   the Client would call me back with the "connectionMade",
> and I could do it there.
> I just need to know the appropriate place to put my code.   None of
> these examples in
> the 'examples' directories make this clear.
> My next task is to know how to extract the 'who' data back from my
> initial "who"

Yeah, it's not obvious how to do that. I'll send another mail when I've 
a chance to test something, but New Years is coming up right now... :)

> The ONLY callback I see is the "action()" method,   where it has the
> "msg" as the argument.
> Is that the one I sub-class to read back the result of the "who"?

No. An ACTION in IRC terms is a user doing an /me.

> Which I assume is called back
> from a deferred.
> There are a number of other callbacks for the private messages and
> such.   Which one
> do I use?   When testing the code,  I'm not getting any callbacks to
> the "action()" method.
> Is this because something else is fucked up.

Yeah, your code.

> I don't suppose anyone on this last has an Mac OS-X system,  do they?
> If so,  I would love
> to establish a VIOP meeting if anyone has the time to help me out. 
> My "iChat" AIM handle is
> 'jdcrunchman'
> John
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