[Twisted-Python] Patch submission ?

Thomas Favier Thomas.Favier at accelance.fr
Tue Dec 16 05:46:45 EST 2003


    I'd like to know what is the standard way of submitting patches. 
 From what I've read on the ML, patches should be sent to the tracker. I 
did so, but my small submission didn't even get read...

    So is the standard way :
1. post to ML
2. have response about the bug tracker thing
3. post it to bug tracker ?

    It seems a good way to be sure that at least someone knows the patch 
exists ;)

    My submission is Issue371, submitted on Oct 28. It is a small patch 
to restore the possibility to give the host you want to query in 
HTTPPageGetter (usefull for monitoring real servers in a load-balanced 
architecture). Moving to 1.1.1 this morning, my app choke on this...

    I don't mind patching my sources at every upgrade, but I'd like to 
know how to be sure that patches are at least read ;)

    Anyway thanks for that great piece of code.


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