[Twisted-Python] Re: reactor.callLater ponderings (what i am trying to do) :)

Neil Blakey-Milner nbm at mithrandr.moria.org
Mon Dec 15 02:37:43 EST 2003

On Sun 2003-12-14 (21:12), jjanecek at telusplanet.net wrote:
> when i am on my windows xp box, it would go at like 10ms with a correction only
> needed like every 30 secs or so. That is using default reactor and windoze reactor.
> for freebsd the finest I can get it is with 20ms it does not matter if i use
> default reactor, poll reactor or kqueue. I just tried kqueue reactor since it 
> sounded intresting :). 

On FreeBSD, check your HZ setting if you haven't done so already:

sysctl kern.clockrate
kern.clockrate: { hz = 100, tick = 10000, profhz = 1024, stathz = 128 }

You probably want hz=1000 (at least), so put the following at the end of
(or create the file if it doesn't exist) /boot/loader.conf:


You don't mention what version of FreeBSD you're using - this'll work on
4.4-RELEASE and upward.  Before that, you'd have to recomile your kernel
with "options HZ=1000" in your config file.

Neil Blakey-Milner
nbm at mithrandr.moria.org

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