[Twisted-Python] Re: Woven: can't get view notification to work

Gavrie Philipson gavrie at disksites.com
Thu Dec 11 03:01:15 EST 2003

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> As I mentioned before, the parts of woven which are not yet implemented 
> in Nevow are the LivePage and partial-page-rerendering stuff. You, by 
> using notify, are using the partial-page-rerendering stuff. I'd be 
> interested in knowing what you want to use it for, and how I can 
> accommodate this use case and my use cases without being too 
> heavyweight and cumbersome.

I'm using the partial rerendering stuff for error handling:
My model uses XML-RPC to get and set data from another machine. The XML-RPC calls are triggered (by the models) while rendering the page. If an error is returned from an XML-RPC call, I want to rerender parts of the page to reflect that error (e.g. adding an error message). Another area is when using forms: I am using controllers to handle form input. The controller, after validating the data, tries to submit it to the XML-RPC server. If the server returns an error for some reason, this should be reported to the user on the page that is rendered after submitting the form. Partial rerendering seemed the natural solution for this.

Am I missing a simple and obvious way to do these things?


> Hmm -- I'm not sure where people get the impression that disk 
> templates aren't supported. 

Er... could it possibly be because there's not much documentation for Nevow yet?

-- Gavrie.

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