[Twisted-Python] Generate select options in woven

Philippe Lafoucrière lafou at wanadoo.fr
Mon Dec 8 11:33:14 EST 2003

> I've tried several variations of view='List' and view='KeyedList'
> on the select tag, using the above models, without success.
> The nearest I've been able to get is one of the following:
>     <option value='id1'>id1</option>
>     <option value='value1'>value1</option>
>     <option value='id1'>value1id1</option>

I never succeded in using KeyedList :(

with  :

wmfactory_versions = [
          ('id1', 'value1'),
          ('id2', 'value2'),
          ('id3', 'value3')]

You can do that : 

def wvupdate_display_value(self, request, node, model):
        option = microdom.lmx(node)
        option['value'] = model
        display = request.args.get("display", [""])[0]
        if display == model:
            option['selected'] = "1"

And change 
	<option view="display_value" value="thevalue">
		<span view="Text"></span>
	<option view="display_value" value="thevalue" model="0">
		<span view="Text" model="1"></span>

(not tested, but it should work).

 ** OR  ************

if you really want to use a dict like

wmfactory_versions = {
          {val='id1', desc='value1'},
          {val='id2', desc='value2'},
          {val='id3', desc='value3'} }

then put this in your template :

<option view="display_value" value="thevalue" model="/id">
		<span view="Text" model="/desc"></span>

see http://www.twistedmatrix.com/documents/howto/modelindepth#submodelpaths
for more infos.

Btw, I think woven should remove empty <span> tags from outputs. I'll post a 
bug report for that.
if you want some exemple code, you can download this :


it's a frontend to Portage (the gentoo package manager). It's in progress, and 
lacks most of its features, but some code parts may help you.

good luck !

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