[Twisted-Python] Using Twisted in a network project

Tommi Virtanen tv at tv.debian.net
Thu Dec 4 14:15:46 EST 2003

Hegedus, Matthew S wrote:
> Here's my problem: I'm in a situation where applications on a LAN need to be
> able to transmit UDP packets to other apps on the same LAN and on other LANS
> acroos the WAN. On the WAN there may be many routers in between that are not
> configured for multicast and cannot be reconfigured by users interested in
> multicasting. So multicast is out, and we are left with broadcast and

The standard solution is to use a multicast router and IP tunnels. That
way the "hostile" routers don't need to understand multicast at all.

That doesn't let you play with twisted, though ;)

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