[Twisted-Python] jabber client examples for the new protocol.jabber

gian paolo ciceri gp.ciceri at acm.org
Sun Dec 7 13:34:41 EST 2003

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darryl wrote:
| Jabber support works fine.

o.k., no doubts about it :-)

| If i get a few minutes I'll post a simple example . If you want to see
| an example of
| a jabber 'component' written with it you can check jabberstudio, this
| project uses it:
| http://www.jabberstudio.org/projects/proxy65/project/view.php

I've just checked out, and it seems really interesting.

But I'm looking for a "standard" client (something doing
sending/receiving messages and chats and playing with rosters).
In particular, while I've found samples of "iq" nodes usage,
I'd like to know how to handle "presence" and "message" nodes.

So if you have this kind of examples, it's really what I need.
(perhaps I'm missing something basilar, and it's only a matter
to do a simple trick)

Thanks for your patience.
Best Regards


| -darryl
| gian paolo ciceri wrote:
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|> hello all,
|> I'm looking for some usage examples of the (new in 1.1) jabber protocol
|> in twisted, in particular a client (I'm not able to find any in the
|> 1.1.1rc4).
|> Before the new jabber protocol you can build jabber clients in twisted
|> with the support of tpjabber.py (posted on the ML on Febuary): perhaps
|> simply the new jabber protocol support in twisted is not complete ?
|> Any hint will be appreciated.
|> Regards
|> /gp
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