[Twisted-Python] New PB API example?

Boersma, Matt Matt.Boersma at arraybiopharma.com
Fri Aug 29 13:27:44 EDT 2003

Howdy twisters,

I'm writing a Perspective Broker client-server app.  Things have been working fine, but as of recent Twisted builds (1.07 alpha 5?), my server code warns me that code like this:
    app = Application('myserver')
    app.listenTCP(8789, BrokerFactory(MyServer()))
is deprecated.  Specifically, that I should replace BrokerFactory with PBServerFactory.

So I have plunged into catching up with this new API.  And I'm heavily confused.  All the existing HOWTOs and pbxxxx.py examples still use (deprecated) code as above.  And even after searching the mailing list and re-reading the PB tutorials, I'm not getting it.

I'd like my client to use PBClientFactory.login, and for the server to authorize the client by logging in to an Oracle database and running a test query.  (Credentials in this case map directly to Oracle username/passwords--don't flame me, I inherited this system.)  Then the client receives a remotely callable Perspective specific to his or her role in this system.

I'm specifically unclear as to how to use my Authorizer subclass, and if I need to create a Portal subclass and plug it in to PBServerFactory.

If anyone has even a trivial example of how to use the new PB cred APIs, I'd be very grateful if you could share it with me.

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