[Twisted-Python] IBM developer works

Richard Johannesson rtjohan at syspres.com
Wed Aug 20 06:54:57 EDT 2003

I just saw the arcticles on IBM, but have not had
a chance to go through them yet. Just started looking
at Twisted. If there are any well known gotchas I would
be very grateful for any heads-up.

Is there a good article on how to use Twisted for doing
web applications for instance? Is Twisted / Woven a good
way to go for web applications?

Forced to do some .Net/C# for some customers at the moment.
Would prefer to use Python.


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>> Yes, indeed.
>> That's exactly what it shows. We have already explained why
>> this is not a good idea.
>I know ! I just it's a bad idea to let such article on
>Internet. Newbies
>would always make the same mistake :(
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