[Twisted-Python] Deleting packages from Twisted and breaking all your code (THIS MEANS YOU)

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Thu Aug 14 06:03:15 EDT 2003

Did the title get your attention?  Good.  If you know someone with 
deployed Twisted code which they hope to upgrade whose attention it did 
not get, please draw their attention here.

I would like to remove some of the more incendiary modules from Twisted 
and put them either into their own repositories for the duration or 
just put them into my directory in sandbox rather than distributing 
with the tarball proper.

The list for the moment (with attendant plans) is:

- twisted.sibling

We definitely need something like this, but it is unmaintained and I am 
unaware of any code that uses it outside of Ninjaneering's proprietary 
codebase.  It should be revisited at some later date once we have 
re-architected the whole of cred/pb/application, and we can leverage 
them to do consistent and semi-transparent distribution.

- twisted.popsicle

Kind of an interesting idea, but totally a research project.  There is 
no more work going into this because it's been empirically determined 
to be too hard to write a back-end.  Probably some neat ideas that 
might be worth picking up again though.  (This is largely being 
superseded by our persistence strategy on Quotient.  Have I mentioned 
quotient yet?  check it out, seriously, it's the best example of the 
core Twisted team's intent of certain facilities in Twisted than you're 
likely to find anywhere else.  http://www.divmod.org/ )

- twisted.world

TOTALLY AWESOME idea that I am really disappointed that I had to let go 
of for performance reasons.  However it is not extensively tested, it 
is very very VERY slow, it is not even the slightest bit fault 
tolerant, and it will even lose data under normal operation in some 
weird corner cases.  Also it leaks disk resources really fast.  All 
these problems are fixable and the overall architecture is sound, but 
it will need a very clever database-head with some serious time on 
his/her hands to improve.

If you have code that relies on any of these, please say something NOW. 
  I would like releases subsequent to 1.1 to start deleting some of the 
superfluous stuff in the Twisted tree so that our users can feel more 
comfortable about trusting what's in the core package to be supported.  
Experimental development projects like these should be carried out 
elsewhere before being merged in, in the future.

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