[Twisted-Python] Roundup Fever

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Sat Aug 2 20:27:57 EDT 2003

Dear Twisted Team (and assorted onlookers),

I am trying to create a semblance of a project plan by assembling a 
sort of paper-mache out of the things that have been entered in the 

If you have an account on the bugtracker, you may find that you have 
issues assigned to you.  Random issues.  Issues that you have no idea 
how to resolve or even understand.  Don't worry, I don't seriously 
expect you to take care of these yourself - however, we have a lot of 
issues in the tracker that nobody is responsible for.  I wish to 
distribute the responsibility of distributing responsibility by 
creating a game of hot potato with unwanted issues.

In other words, if you find yourself assigned an issue that you are 
clueless about, please find someone who has the requisite knowledge 
*and enough free time* to take care of the problem, then assign that 
issue to that person.

Although no bonus points will be given, feel free to use visual aids or 
props in order to convince your favorite Twisted team member to 
volunteer.  I am told that broken beer bottles, two-by-fours with nails 
in the end, and tire irons are popular with the kids these days.

In case you were wondering about *my* free time, I have already bitten 
off as many issues as I can possibly chew, and then some.  Also, I have 
secured for myself one of each of the recommended visual aids: No 
further convincing is necessary.

Ever grateful for your continued patronage,


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