[Twisted-Python] Docs...

Micah Yoder micahlists at comcast.net
Fri Aug 1 19:56:07 EDT 2003


I know it has been mentioned before that more/better docs would be nice.

Can I suggest a doc like "twisted.web for PHP developers" with lots of 
examples including stuff like sessions and database access?

I would actually be willing to help with such a manual, but I'm still trying 
to understand much of this stuff myself. :)  I am currently working on my 
first twisted.web app.  I'm getting there, but the docs still leave some 
questions.  If a few others would find this useful and have some of the 
knowledge needed, perhaps we could collaborate on it.

As for the examples on the site, how about sending them with a MIME type of 
text/plain?  That would allow viewing them in the browser insted of 
downloading them, which would be nice.

Also, where are the apps?  Searching Freshmeat for "twisted" doesn't really 
come up with any Twisted apps, unless WebTK counts.  For example, a Twisted 
based bulletin board or blog.  Something like that would help a lot!


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