[Twisted-Python] speed on intranet?

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Mon Apr 28 10:10:12 EDT 2003

<quote who="xlp223">

> my office has some computers with intranet.
> i installed twisted 1.0.4 on a computer
> when i visited the computer with twisted 1.0.4 from another
> computer,speed in intranet is slow.
> but since i enter into the internet on a computer through gateway,
> speed of visiting the computer with web server of twisted 1.0.4 in intranet is quick.
> why?

Possibly lack of reverse DNS on your local network, depending on what
twisted is doing - I could be speaking from my orifice. (If it's trying to
do a reverse lookup, it's timing out in the process, thus appearing to be

(If this *is* happening, why is twisted doing the lookup by default?)

- Jeff

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