[Twisted-Python] Twisted 1.0.4 - Tildes in the book

Andrew Bennetts andrew-twisted at puzzling.org
Sun Apr 27 20:16:30 EDT 2003

On Sun, Apr 27, 2003 at 12:13:43PM -0400, Francois Pinard wrote:
> Hi, still me...
> In the Twisted 1.0.4 book -- I hope this reference is unambiguous enough,
> I have not seen more than one :-) -- there is a problem here and there with
> `~' being shown over the next character (`/' for example) instead of prior
> to it as intented.  At many places, tildes are OK, however.  Should I try
> reporting all problematic cases?  I guess not, as the problem is likely
> to be the same at all places, and some global action could be taken.
> The example I'm currently looking at is at the end of page 136 (6. Web
> Applications; 6.1.2 Before we begin) on this quote:
>    Make sure the `TwistedQuotes' directory is on your PYTYONPATH, put
>    `webquotes.rpy' and `WebQuotes.html' in your `~/public_html' directory,
>    and you are ready to go.
> The `~' and `/' on the last sentence are at the same character position.

This is already fixed in CVS :)

You will find ^ also has the same problem -- and it is also fixed in CVS :)


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