[Twisted-Python] Re: Twisted 1.0.4 - Heavy search for `plugins.tml'

Christopher Armstrong radix at twistedmatrix.com
Sun Apr 27 17:56:16 EDT 2003

On 2003.04.27 17:26, Francois Pinard wrote:
> Hi.  This is a resend of a message which was rejected, because too big.
> Wise mailing list system! :-).  So, I removed 1255 lines from the middle
> of the last transcript, showing the first 20 and the last 20 only.
> You'll merely have to believe me that those lines I removed were there! :-)

> > It's not using the shell load path.  /usr/bin just happens to be in
> > your sys.path.

> No, it is not.  How can you be so assertive?

Because I know :-) The default sys.path isn't there, but your `mktap'
is located in /usr/bin, isn't it? :-)

You probably thought I was being over-assertive because I wasn't explaining
myself fully. I apologize for that. But I did the research, and found out
why this was happening. (more below)

> > And inventing a new environment variable is contrary to the stated goal,
> > which is the lack of a registration process (apart from what you need
> > to do to have your package work with Python).

> Stated where?  The book does not clearly indicate (or I did not read that
> part yet) where `.tml' files are exactly looked for.

The "Writing Twisted Plugins" section, IIRC.

> And besides and moreover, I may well report a bug, without having an actual
> problem with it.  Having to much insist that a bug exists remembers me
> the old times of contacting vendors of non-free software.  This is the
> second time in the Python community that I observe this phenomenon.
> Being receptive to feedback is a good way to keep it coming, you know.

Trolls like this aren't necessary. If you have a suggestion for improvement
(a special-case for leaving out /usr/bin despite its being in the python
path, for example), then I'll gladly hear it out. But I'm fairly certain
that there's no debate on what the *current* behavior is.

> OK then.  I am now reporting a bug.  The default Python path for this
> Python 2.2.1, which I installed over a SuSE 8.0 Linux distribution, is:

As I stated above, /usr/bin is in your sys.path because that's probably where
your `mktap' is located. If you don't believe me, modify your local Twisted
installation to add a `print sys.path' to twisted.scripts.mktap.

> Doing `strace mktap', and cleaning out from the result what is expected
> from the current value of `sys.path' (yet without checking if the depth
> of search is reasonable), leaves these to consider, explain and justify:

Yeah, I examined the output of that strace that you quoted in your original
mail; I discovered, as I had expected, that /usr/bin was in my python path
because that's where `mktap' is located.

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