[Twisted-Python] SURVEY: For Twisted users, please answer

Skinny Puppy skin_pup-twisted at damnable.happypoo.com
Sun Apr 27 06:27:06 EDT 2003

Tommi Virtanen [tv at twistedmatrix.com] wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 25, 2003 at 11:37:55AM -0400, Skinny Puppy wrote:
> > > 2. Do you have any Twisted success stories you'd like to share (besides
> > > those listed in our success stories page, of course)?
> > 
> > I have twisted running with ldaptor on over 200 Solaris systems, pulling
> > configs out of LDAP for inetd/dnscache/tinydns/ldap.conf (pam/nss)/cron
> > and a few others things.  I do keep my own cvs of both twisted and ldaptor 
> > due to my need for having TLS built directly in <HINT>.  (yes I sent a patch).
> > They are highly out of date but work for me now.  
> 	Ooh! An actual ldaptor user!
> 	At this point, you are the most important external party using
> 	ldaptor, it seems. How's it been? Any thoughts on what you would
> 	want to see?

to be honest - nothing - I have my own version based .10 and patches
hand applied as needed up to version .13.  With it being deployed on as
many systems we do the process of upgrading is not something we do

I have not come across anything I was not able to do with ldaptor.  I
dont push it to hard, just a lot of searches and maybe a password change or

I don't really like the DNS SRV records and that way of connecting.  So 
I just don't use it.  

We have added TLS support to ldaptor to go along with the TLS patch I 
wrote for twisted.  I am not able to release that patch due to it was 
created by working with another employee.

One thing I would kill to have is the server side of things in twisted.
This would allow me to build the ldap caching daemon / proxy daemon. nscd
on Solaris is a pile of junk, but an absolute need for nsswitch with ldap.  
And just be damn fun to play with.  But I will be damned if I know anyone 
that wants to write it. 

Thank you once again for creating ldaptor, it has save this sysadmin
untold hours of config changes and has been fun to play with. 


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