[Twisted-Python] enterprise.dbcred.DatabaseAuthorizer

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Fri Apr 25 10:05:22 EDT 2003

Il ven, 2003-04-25 alle 03:21, Christopher Armstrong ha scritto:
> I'm going to be hacking on DatabaseAuthorizer soon(er or later).
>  * Is anybody using it? The current code is pretty crufty, so
>    I'll probably just replace it once the hacking is done, unless
>    it's actually being used.

no. i wrote my own authorizer because DatabaseAuthorizer was not up to
the task.

>  * Does anyone have a wishlist for it?

put service and perspective names in database and allow for the client
to request for service/perspecitve in his keyring (derived from db).
that would be nice (and is what my authorizer does, btw.)


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