[Twisted-Python] Re: SURVEY: For Twisted users, please answer

Van Gale news at exultants.org
Wed Apr 23 02:41:21 EDT 2003

> 1. Do you require Python 2.1 support in Twisted? If so, for what reason?
> How problematic would a switch to 2.2 be for you?

I'm not using Twisted yet, but I expect to use it within a month or two. 
  I'll be porting an asyncore/chat based app developed using python 2.0. 
  I will definitely be adding some 2.2 features at the same time, so, in 
other words, no, I don't need 2.1 support :)

> 2. Do you have any Twisted success stories you'd like to share (besides
> those listed in our success stories page, of course)?

Not yet, but this application will see some serious usage starting in 
September.  It could potentially see peaks of 90k-200k clients 
connecting in a 24 hour span.  Hopefully I'll be able to report positive 
results to this list during load-tests.  Rewriting outside of 
python/twisted is obviously a no-go at this point, so if load testing 
comes up short we'll just throw more hardware at it!! :O

Side note: we're going to be using DNS round robin + Wackamole + Spread 
toolkit for server load balancing.  I haven't needed to use the python 
spread interface developed by Jeremy, Guido and Tim yet 
(http://www.python.org/other/spread/) but I'm wondering if anyone's 
tried to integrate that into Twisted?  I'd love for spread mailboxes to 
be processed through reactor like any other socket :)

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