[Twisted-Python] Re: flow.Zip

Philippe Lafoucrière lafou at wanadoo.fr
Wed Apr 23 11:36:16 EDT 2003

> Well, Cooperate is the whole reason for flow... otherwise you
> could just use recursive generators.   Basically, in one of 
> your generators (Threaded(QueryIterator())), your code would 
> block waiting for a row, etc.  So rather than blocking, Threaded
> returns Cooperate.   This return value is handled by the wrappers
> all the way up the call chain.  At the top of the call chain is
> Deferred, and when Deferrerd gets a Cooperate, it does a 
> callLater(0, self), so that other processes can run.  
> Suppose you have generator X -> Y -> Z, the picture 
> then looks like...
>      Wrap  <--  Z
>       |
>       v
>      Wrap  <--> Y
>       |   
>       v
>      Wrap  <--> X
>       |
>       V
>      Deferred
>       |
>       V
>      reactor
> So, rather than X talking to Y, talking to Z, each of
> your generators is talking to a wrapper instead, which
> tries to be as transparent as possible.   The 
> wrapper has the following behavior:
>     0.  If a value is returned from a generator to 
>         a wrapper, it is given to the previous generator
>         in the chain; at the bottom of the chain it is
>         added to an array which is sent to the deferred's
>         callback.  Failures are handled the same way.
>     1.  If the value returned is a wrapper, then it adds
>         the new wrapper to the top of the stack and 
>         starts to process it.
>     2.  When Cooperate is returned from a generator, 
>         it is sent all the way down the Wrapper linked
>         list so that the reactor can re-schedule the
>         processing chain (micro-thread).
> So, I hope this helps.  Cooperate is the whole reason
> for flow... without the need to 'pause' the whole stack
> one wouldn't need the wrapper at all.  
> ;) Clark

Ho, this makes more sence now. Thank you ! (Maybe you could insert this in flow.py inline
doc ?)

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