[Twisted-Python] Patch for flavors.py?

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Mon Apr 14 05:15:14 EDT 2003

Jasper Phillips <jasper at peak.org> writes:
> The simple test case at the end of test_newjelly.py _does_ work, but the
> orignal more verbose test I posted (using pb) doesn't work, getting the same
> __dict__ error as before.

Ok, after more careful searching and discussion with Glyph I think we nailed
it. The fix we put in earlier wasn't being used when PB calls jelly, but only
when jelly was run by itself. I've added the necessary code (and a new unit
test). It should be fixed now. The clientBug/serverBug scripts you attached
to your earlier message now run without error for me.

Thanks for your patience, and for the great bug report. That test script was
exactly what we needed.

Note to other bug submitters: following Jasper's excellent example will
greatly improve the chances of getting your bug fixed quickly :).


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