[Twisted-Python] Default reactor without signal handling

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Tue Apr 8 22:26:12 EDT 2003

In twisted.internet.reactor, a call to twisted.internet.default.install()
is made automatically.  That call constructs a SelectReactor with
signal handling enabled, without any option for avoiding this behaviour.

What's the recommended approach for installing a reactor without the
signal handling behaviour turned on?

(For the curious, I'm trying to refactor an existing Zope-based 
application which has a "back end" server using a proprietary 
protocol on a non-standard socket.  Currently we just use 
the Zope asyncore and built our stuff on top of that.  We're
trying to move away from Zope, and this looked like the low-hanging
fruit for getting us onto Twisted...   Everything worked fine
when we spiked this, except we had to manually patch the above
call to do "reactor = SelectReactor(0)" instead of what it does



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