[Twisted-Python] Acronym Expansion in Documentation (WARNING: Newbie)

James Crayne lordbrain at riseup.net
Sat Oct 26 14:34:37 EDT 2002

Hello, I am a (brand spankin' new)-bie, and the documentation contains 
something that i tripped over.

"The most prevalent kind of plug-in is the TAP (Twisted Application builder) type."

On the first read, I stumbled. On the second, i thought maybe it's a missprint and 
tried to guess at what was really meant.  The catch is that there is no capital P in 
this acronym expansion.  

Newbie think: "(Twisted Application _Pickle_ builder)?"  or "Why isnt it called 
TAB? or TAb?" ...

Then I joined #twisted on irc.freenode as LordBrain, here is a snippet:

<_moshez> yes
<LordBrain> ok
<_moshez> it's "Twisted APplication"
<LordBrain> ooooooh
<LordBrain> thanks
<spiv> _moshez: :)
<LordBrain> now it makes more sense
<spiv> _moshez: It is?  You should update the glossary then :)
<_moshez> spiv: I'm serious
<spiv> _moshez: I don't doubt it :)
<_moshez> spiv: well, sometimes it means Twisted Application Pickle
<spiv> _moshez: Right.  Actually, I'll update the glossary.
<LordBrain> but not in this case
<_moshez> spiv: mktap is "MaKe Twisted APplication"
<_moshez> while web.tap is "Web Twisted Application Pickle"

Non-newbies ascertain which is meant by context.

There are multiple places where this acronym is expanded in the Documentation. 
Consider changing all of them so that the second p in Application is capitalized 
(when/if appropriate). For example, the line that tripped me would read: "The 
most prevalent kind of plug-in is the TAP (Twisted APplication builder) type."


PS: CC reply if you wish me to see it, I am not on this list.

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