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Joe Cooper joe at swelltech.com
Wed Oct 23 21:13:10 EDT 2002

Just to interject a correction to the below bit about Squid.  Windows is 
an officially supported platform, with at least two active maintainers.

Squid runs natively as a service on Windows NT when compiled with MS 
compilers and under Cygwin built with GCC.  The MinGW port is reportedly 
going well, though incomplete right now.  It has also been reported to 
compile (with effort) under Mac OS X.  It is also likely to become a 
supported platform if someone will step forward to take responsibility 
for keeping an eye on new versions to insure they build and run.  Squid 
also runs on most reasonably current Unices with GCC and GNU make, as 
well as most modern platforms with vendor-supplied compilers (though GNU 
make is probably still required in most cases).

andy surany wrote:
> Hi all!
> It was suggested in Tutor that Twisted might be what I'm looking for (please
> see the thread below). The best bet appears to be a proxy to which I can add
> some intercept logic. Anybody done this with Twisted?
> -Andy
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> From: andy surany <mongo57a at comcast.net>
> To: Magnus Lycka <magnus at thinkware.se>; tutor at python.org <tutor at python.org>
> Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 5:44 PM
> Subject: Re: [Tutor] Interfacing to the web
> From the responses I have received, it sounds like a proxy is the best bet.
> However, my application is meant to run on Linux, Windows, and Mac
> platforms, so that may rule out some software (it looks like squid is for
> linux only????, and privoxy does not allow code extensions).
> So I will search for a good proxy. Anyone write a good one????? Or know of
> one?(given the above caveats...).

Joe Cooper <joe at swelltech.com>
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