[Twisted-Python] Completely new to twisted - where to get some background?

Paul Moore gustav at morpheus.demon.co.uk
Tue Oct 22 14:11:31 EDT 2002

Andrew Bennetts <andrew-twisted at puzzling.org> writes:

> The CVS version of Twisted now has a glossary in the docs -- the idea
> being that you'd be able to say "Perspective Broker?  What the hell is
> that?  <check glossary>... Oh, ok, that's something else, so I can
> ignore that...".  I'd be interested to know if it really is useful for
> you?

I can't easily get at the CVS version, but I suspect something like
that would have been useful. I've just had a brief look at the book
Moshe has mentioned on the list, and that looks helpful, too.

It's one of those chicken and egg situations - once the arrangement
"clicks", it's hard to see why it seemed so complicated.

> Of course, then there's all the variations -- "I want to implement a
> {mail,web,finger,etc} server" -- which is an awful lot of documentation.

Yes. I nearly didn't mention specific server types, because that's
what causes the explosion of cases. And just saying "I want to write a
server", and not finding it obvious that you look at the "Writing
Servers" document is just plain dumb (I'm working on a decent excuse
for being this stupid :-))

> If you'd like to help us by writing a the "I want to implement a news
> server" doc, that would help alot :)

I'll do what I can. But I'm now not sure of the benefit. There isn't
so much a learning curve with Twisted as a speed bump - at first
glance, you're not sure what you're looking at, but suddenly you
wonder what the difficulty was, and then you're off!

I'll think about whether I'd have found a conspicuous "Start Here"
document any use, and if so, I'll have a go at writing it :-)


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