[Twisted-Python] enterprise.row and two-way relationships

Justin Ryan justin at gnubian.org
Mon Oct 21 12:42:52 EDT 2002

> As of now, I'm leaning towards using twisted.enterprise without
> t.e.row...except purely for learning purposes. Just this simple
> example of yours shows how quickly object <-> relational model
> mappings can get tricky. But learning about it should be interesting
> nevertheless. 

Well, I'm supposed to be moving into a python dev position @ work soon
and they have actually got quite good object <-> relational mappings
working, but I don't have access to that code yet, and don't know if
i'll even be able to reuse it in my own projects..
> Yeah...I read it. That was my thought as well...use a view to flatten
> out two of the objects into one. I'm trying to think of tweaking that
> might help simplify the situation there. Some databases have
> functionality that might enable you to use one denormalized view and
> rewrites on the db backend that would peform the updates properly
> depending on the table. But that functionality would be in the
> database, so it would be implementation-specific. 

and once again, it requires three separate objects - an account, a
contact, and an account_view..

I think I'll poke around with t.enterprise a bit more and see if there's
hope for me there..


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