[Twisted-Python] Twisted Documentation -- The Book

Moshe Zadka twisted at moshez.org
Sun Oct 20 09:03:30 EDT 2002

Having worked a bit with the index.html's structure, I was intrigued to
see how an honest-to-god book from the same materials would look like.

If you are also intrigued, see

Summary of the process:
1. Write latex.py (about half an hour, including debugging)
2. Use it to generate "section latexs" of all HTML files in question.
3. Manually process book.html to book.tex, \include'ing all relevant sections
4. Run latex

In case anyone is really interested, we can pretty easily do a postscript
book every release, or whenever else we're interesting. The XHTML parser
is a SUX-based one, extremely crude and yet quite easy to expand to more
HTML stuff.

Missing stuff from LaTeX processor:

1. IMG support (anyone remembers how to stuff .png's into a LaTeX file? Maybe
   I should process them to .eps files first? Bah)
2. Table support (shouldn't be hard, but promises to be annoying)

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