[Twisted-Python] Twisted IM fixes

Tim Allen screwtape at froup.com
Sat Oct 19 09:09:11 EDT 2002

Well, last week I submitted a patch to add some features to Twisted's 
IRC protocol, and I mentioned on #twisted that I wanted to write a bot 
framework for IRC. Glyph asked (nicely) that if I was going to write a 
bot framework, could I please write it for twisted.im, rather than 
writing it for IRC directly.

I'm not yet committed to writing a bot framework for anything, but I 
*have* been poking around in twisted.im. Firstly, I found two little 
buglets in the im code (patch attached). Secondly, it took me quite a 
while to figure out the exact minimum I needed to implement to use the 
twisted.im bits - all the example code uses GUI interfaces which 
complicate things more than necessary.

I was wondering - would there be any interest in me polishing up my 
minimalist twisted.im client so it could be added to twisted.im or 
doc/examples or such?

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