[Twisted-Python] Test failure in with Python 2.2

Itamar Shtull-Trauring twisted at itamarst.org
Mon Oct 14 10:32:35 EDT 2002

On Tue, 15 Oct 2002 00:30:42 +1000
Andrew Bennetts <andrew-twisted at puzzling.org> wrote:

> bash-2.05b$ dpkg -l python2.2 | grep ^ii
> ii  python2.2      2.2.1-5        An interactive object-oriented
> scripting lan
> A note should probably be made in the README/release notes that 2.2.2
> is required.

Well, I'm on 2.2.1-6 and I've never see the bug, and Jp saw it on
python.org 2.2.1 but not after upgrading to 2.2.2b1 (2.2.1-6 has 2 extra
months of bugfixes from Python CVS). We'll add a note after 2.2.2 is
released :)

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