[Twisted-Python] First impressions of Windows downlod

Moshe Zadka twisted at moshez.org
Fri Oct 11 23:36:10 EDT 2002

First let me begin by saying that the windows installer probably works pretty
badly because almost nobody uses it, so your comments are probably very valuable
to whomever does the windows installer (glyph?). Thus all my advice from
here onwards will pertain to the source distribution.

On Sun, 13 Oct 2002, "Andy Robinson" <andy at reportlab.com> wrote:

> First: I tried the windows installer, could not get twistd 
> or coil working, tried the source version and figured it out. 
> You have an 'admin' directory in the source distro

The admin/ directory contains stuff for the Twisted developers, not
for twisted users.
> , but these 
> are not in the Windows distro.  Equivalents are in the 'scripts' 
> directory. Once I added 
>   if __name__=='__main__':
>       run()

This is bad :)
Check out the stuff in the bin/ directory.
In general, assume you you don't need to change stuff to get Twisted
to work :)

Until Twisted fixes its windows installer, please try (and recommend
to your co-workers to try) the source distribtion (yes, I realize that
installing-twisted.html says otherwise)

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