[Twisted-Python] JSPB on mozdev.org

MJ Stahl mjstahl at mac.com
Tue Oct 8 00:16:51 EDT 2002

I just wanted to let everyone know, the work that I have completed so 
far on JSPB (javascript implemenation of perspective broker) is 
currently up on


Currently the files that I have included do not function, and in some 
instances are incomplete. I posted them because I need some guidance or 
potential help, and still can only see the damned pb trees, and not the 
pb forest.

banana.js is the most complete, and includes a test_banana.js for a 
test case... both ported directly from the python source.

Currently I am having trouble with the inclusion of other JS files 
through a JS or Mozilla way. I am also having difficulties with string 
input/output operations, not having the knowledge of anything of these 
operations that may be going on behind the twisted scene (ie, other 
included modules), or what is a good minimalist approach would be.

Thanks guys, and I just wanted to let you know what was going on.


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