[Twisted-Python] Quixote/Twisted Integration

Moshe Zadka twisted at moshez.org
Mon Oct 7 09:25:44 EDT 2002


I've added a feature to the Twisted web server where it can use Quixote's
PTL. Here's a (completely overkill) example:

-------------- hello.rtl ---------------
from twisted.web.resource import Resource

class ExampleResource(Resource):

    template render(self, request):
    <HEAD><TITLE> Welcome To Twisted Python </title></head>

    This is a demonstration of embedded template python in a webserver.

resource = ExampleResource()

Then configure the web server with:

% ./bin/mktap web --path=`pwd` --processor=.rtl=twisted.web.script.ResourceTemplate --port=10999
% ./bin/twistd -f web.tap

And then http://localhost:10999/hello.rtl will show the expected output.

This uses some features only available from the Twisted CVS and was tested
with Quixote 0.5


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