[Twisted-Python] mail and web server authentication: yet to come or already there?

Stefano Debenedetti ste at webaccess.mozquito.com
Thu Nov 21 20:25:34 EST 2002

Andrew Bennetts wrote:
> Note also that we distribute Win32 installers for released versions, like
> 1.0.0, and soon also for 1.0.1, and these include prebuilt C modules.

:-) if it was for the installer I would still be stuck with the echo example, to make it clear for people browsing the mail archives in order to find a solution for that, like I did, the windows installer doesn't work.
> It might be worth attaching the full output and your test.log file to a bug
> report in our Sourceforge bug tracker, so we can't forget about them :)

test.log? doh, I should have noticed that before! :-) I'll do that as soon as SF comes up again

thanks, ciao

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